It goes without saying that the key to excellent ice cream is the quality of the milk and ingredients, but we use a special artisan method and make it in small batches, to give us a rich textured ice cream.

Everyone has a different favourite, from traditional Clotted Cream (have you tried it with fresh Hampshire strawberries), spicy Cinnamon (melting over hot apple pie), tasty English Peppermint and Chocolate (with a chocolate cheesecake) or our moreish Salted Caramel (on its own with a big spoon).

Our ice cream is sold in 120ml and 500ml tubs in local shops and other outlets, or in 2 litre and 4 litre tubs to catering outlets.

Also, why not try our light and refreshing range of fruit sorbets? Made using real fruit purée, our Lemon, Raspberry or Blackcurrant varieties are delightful on a hot summer’s day or ideal to cleanse the palette after rich foods.

Our wonderful
ice cream flavours:

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